Demo Reel 2017

My Current Demo Reel

The Case Against Cotton Swab - {AE Practice}

A short PSA created in After Effects to learn the program.

The Practicalities of Being a Lady (Layout)

A Short film written and boarded by me that has gone through the Layout and Timing Process

The Bug Sub

Made using Maya and Unreal

Semester Assigment

Time Deferred

My Short Film for my 2D Fundamentals Class.

Done in Harmony.

Created in about a month, a stopwatch travels through the depths of the oceans.


My Short Film for my Honors Class.

Done in Toonboom Studio 8.

Created in about 3 months, this films uses a combination of traditional and digital materials to tell the story of life in the universe.

The video is made to were it could loop infinitley. 

The Beaver Lodge

A Personal Project

Created in roughly a week, this is a short comedic story of some human kidnapping beavers and their lodge in the woods

Created using stop motion and watercolors

About an Orange

A Personal Project

Created in about 3 months, each frame was watercolored on Yupo Paper

It is the story about an orange, what more can I say?

2D Techniques Reel - CCAD 2017

Spring Semester Work (2017) for 2D Techniques Class

Outside the Car Window

Personal Project

A monster run loop across the Ohio Countryside 

Video filmed by me on my phone, animated in Harmony in 1 hour 45 minutes


Jasper Johns Kinetic Quote

School Project

Done in After Effects

Animation Exercises

School Assignments

Done in Harmony

The Chase

Personal Project

Done in Toonboom Studio