Trust me, I'm working in this photo

Trust me, I'm working in this photo

Jessika, prominently featured above, is currently a Junior at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio. Expected to graduate in 2019, her major is a BFA in Animation.

Her animation focus is on 2D although she has experience in both 3D and Experimental Methods. Outside of art she quite likes the scientific community and aims to make most of her art around this subject. She wishes to make fun but educational content for middle school age kids cause she knows how boring science class can be without a little art!

Her work has been featured at the following film festivals: TAFI 2017

She has won the following: Skyhack 2017

Experience Snapshot

Current [2017] - Storyboard Artist for Garnet Films, Contract Animator for MinuteEarth, OSU Triplehorn Insect Collection Artist Intern ; Student Library Advisory Board Member (@ CCAD) 

2017 - Opera Columbus Intern. Team Collaboration to design and build three chandeliers.

2016-2017 - Saturday Morning Art Teacher Assistant for grade 5-6 Illustrated Comics Class (at CCAD)

2014 - Illustrated a Children's Book for a Self Publishing Author (William Young)

2013- Spot Illustrations for Online Publication (Anglerfish Magazine)


Adobe: Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, Indesign 

Toonboom: Harmony, Storyboard Pro, Studio 8 

Other: Maya, Unreal Engine, Sculptris, Zbrush, Substance Painter 


Art is for Squares, Circles, and Especially Triangles.
— Jessika While Writing This Page